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Gregory  Gann

Gregory Gann

Senior Partner

Greg draws from a vast and diverse combination of expertise and experience as a lawyer, registered financial advisor, certified divorce financial analyst, and entrepreneur to provide comprehensive and individualized financial, tax, and estate planning.

Having navigated the booms of busts of commercial real estate in the late 1980s as well as the dot com debacle a decade later, and then the Great Financial Crisis over the subsequent decade, Greg distinguishes his approach away from the ever-dominant and static asset allocation pie chart model, which ignores the real time risks inherent in any current market condition, in favor of active investment management that allocates based on current market fundamentals through a disciplined rules-based methodology. Greg believes that investment strategies should vary depending whether
navigating on early or late business and interest rate cycles, appreciating the reality that a 50% loss requires a gain of 100% just to break even. Consequently, he embraces both offensive as well as defensive investment and financial planning strategies, and seeks core investments which seeks to provide growth while simultaneously insulating principal from even some of the most severmarket disruptions.

Perhaps most importantly, Greg works with advisory clients in a fiduciary capacity, and treats and considers those he helps as family.